The table is set

Author and curator: Jarosław Bikiewicz

The series of photographic tablecloths Podano do stołu (The Table Is Set) presents anti-consumer art as defined by the artist. In his work he uses fragments of artwork by: E. Krasiński, S. Dróżdż, K. Bednarski, A. Beneyto, R. Grzyb, A. Dłużniewski, J. Sawicka, L. Golec, T. Czekalskaj, A. Starczewski, Koji Kamoji, K. Smoleński, A. Krzywobłocki, J. Rajkowska, Yoko Ono, Z. Jurkiewicz, R. Kuśmirowski, W. Niemuchin and K. Zieliński.

In this case, anti-consumer art challenges qualities that have already been “consumed.”

The photographed props are not suited to day-to-day use. Individually they represent a certain value. They express a closed formula as to their interpretation, usefulness, material value and intended place of use. Having been processed in a creative manner, they have been presented in an already unknown context. In new surroundings they create a new quality when juxtaposed with other props.  The photographs serve as a pretext for reflecting on what generates value added and how it is generated in new objects.

Important part of interpretation of the series of photographic tablecloths “The Table is Set” are exhibition places. Places, which are complementing each other, creating unique value added  to contemporary design. Performance, which takes place in the restaurant DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Łódź transforms piece of art into applied art. The exhibition in the Manhattan Gallery transforms the applied art into a piece of art. During the Lodz Design Festival some of the tables in the Four Colors restaurant will be covered with photographic tablecloths. In the meantime, in the Manhattan Gallery tablecloths exhibition will be an artistic installation.

Jarosław Bikiewicz (1981), a designer and curator of exhibitions. Jarosław studies at the Faculty of Industrial Design and Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He designs original and unique collections of fabrics, applied ceramics and furniture, and creates design concepts on the basis of human vision impairments. Prizewinner of the 3rd edition of the Innovative Idea competition (pol. Innowacyjny pomysł) at the University of Łódź and awarded by Muzeum Sztuki in Łodź in the 31st Władysław Strzemiński Competition – Fine Arts 2014.

Exhibitions will be open to 31 October.

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