Project Glass, Main Patron Ceramika Paradyż

Author: Ceramika Paradyż
Place: Centrum Festiwalowe 1 / Festival Centre 1, building B, C patio

This year’s stand of Ceramika Paradyż will be presented as an installation of graphic designs on glass panes. The whole project strongly refers to the processes of designing, creating and building. The graphics presented incorporate, among others, engineering drawings, technical illustrations, building structures, etc. The arrangement of the glass panes will create a sequence of images in such a way as to lead the visitors to the further part of the exhibition. When looking at the graphics at the right angle, one can notice how they intertwine with each other into a coherent whole. The use of transparent motifs and openwork will help to magnify this effect as well as will give the whole project its unique character. The entire glass maze will be complemented by carefully selected lighting system that will highlight the unusual nature of this year’s exhibition of Ceramika Paradyż.

09.10, 18:00-21:00
10.10 – 19.10, 10:00-19:00