Curators: Artur Zaguła, DSc; Tomasz Grzelakowski, M.Sc. Eng. in Architecture; Łukasz Barej, Eng. in Architecture; Bartosz Bochyński, Eng. in Architecture; Aleksander Dynarek, Eng. in Architecture; Piotr Kluszczyński, Eng. in Architecture; Marcin Kowalski, Eng. in Architecture and Łukasz Stawiński, Eng. in Architecture
Authors: members of Scientific Student Club “KĄT” of Architecture and Urban Design at Lodz University of Technology

Exhibition Non-Existing is establishing a link between historical retrospection connected with the debate about future and past of the city, and new, contemporary forms of prototyping. Our aim is to recreate architectural works which were destroyed, or never built, using 3d printed models and their theoretical description. Because of the local character of our group, we firstly want to focus on recreating the non-existing buildings of Lodz.

Media patronage: Centrum Druku 3D

Miejski Punkt Kultury PREXER
ul. Pomorska 39 Łódź
9.10-19.10, 12:00-18:00