Authors: Martyna Poniedziałek, Kinga Luks, Iwo Reszczyński, Marta Dolnicka-Marchaj, Bartosz Bębenista, Małgorzata Pabiańczyk, Michał Sapko, Marta Najder, Kamila Sztobryn, Edyta Niewińska

Mebel marzeń 2014 is unique initiative of “BIZNES” monthly and the group. It started with the contest “Mebel dziecięcych marzeń 2014” [Children’s dreamed furniture 2014] addresses to children and youth, aged 3-14. Ten works of little artists became an inspiration for young designers, including students, graduates in furniture and interior designing and amateurs as well who participated in the following contest: “Spełnij dziecięce marzenia 2014” [Make children’s dream come true 2014]. The exhibitions presents awarded works of children, designs of young designers and chosen prototypes.

„Mebel marzeń 2014” is held under the patronage of “Księga Trendów 2014” [Trendbook 2014] – publication combining analysis of social trends in Poland with products that meet the needs hidden in those trends.

Festival Centre 1
ul. Tymienieckiego 3 Łódź
09.10, 18:00-21:00
10.10 – 19.10, 10:00-19:00