Anatomia Europy. Ukraina, Rosja, Białoruś [The Anatomy of Europe. Ukraine, Russia, Belarus]

 Ksenia Kaniewska
Designers – Part One: Maria Volokhova, Olia Gorohova, Tanya Klimenko,
Designers – Part Two: Studio Gizmo Design Bureau, Andriana Chunis, Andrii Diedyk, Nadia Bavolyak, Daryna Chopyk, Grupa Manifesto, Ira Bilogan, Kateryna Sokolova, Khrystyna Andrunyk, Nadia Bavolyak, Natalia Kolpakova, Olga Minkina, Roksolana Ruzhylo, Roman Demkiv, Studio Combinanta, Studio Design Bureau Hochu Rayu, Studio Kononenko ID, Studio Mukomelov, Yurii Cegla

This Project is the keystone in the Eastern art exhibition “triptych”: … and I woke up in Europe (2011), God, Humor, Fatherland. Russian Design (2012), and Belarus. A Street Which Is No Longer Here (2013). Artists from the countries which emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union had a possibility to manifest their attitudes to the contemporary world and to the native culture and art. This Project, after numerous modifications, has finally assumed a transnational character: it touches upon local issues shown in international contexts. In the contemporary world, when a man, whether just a citizen or an artist, is becoming a tool of political warfare, and the world itself is plunged into an abyss of dullness and lies, our message has to be simple and clear. Just simple mottos. Black and white. No half-tones. No shadows.

There are two parts in this Project. The first one features works made of porcelain which is taking on new functions today. Fragile and whimsical, it is becoming a cultural and political manifesto due to the message behind its tangible form. Maria Volokhova from Ukraine, Tanya Klimenko from Russia, and Olia Gorohova from Belarus. Feminine beings. Just like Europe, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus when perceived in their feminine capacity. This is a tale of identity and tradition told in simple words by women. Also, a tale of freedom and revolution.

What is the essence of the second part of this Project are objects meant to be the manifesto of the generation of artists who have happened to create their works in this highly complicated world of today. Their physically sensed fascination with the internal world of a human being has inspired their phantasmagorical compositions. Man as the most ideal machine ever made, Homo machine, object of political, social and religious manipulations for years. And its opposite extreme: suffering, dismembered Europe. Its organism will not perform regularly as long as its individual parts, excluded from its life, are in poor health.

Maria Volokhova / Ukraine
Born in Ukraine, at present living and working in Berlin. Studied, i.a., in Japan (ceramics at Tokyo Art University, GEIDAI) and in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy. Of all things, most fascinated with the world of human anatomy, her projects result from observation of constitution of human body organs, the structure of brain, nervous reactions or a complex system of blood circulation in the body.

Olia Gorohova / Belarus
Belarusian artist mainly working in porcelain and graphic. Lives in Oslo (Norway). Having graduated from the Artistic College in Maladzyechna, she studied between 2005–2009 in National Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk at the faculty of ceramics. Seeing no prospects for herself in Belarus she left the country. Her works revolve around issues of contradictions and contrasts – both in terms of form and contents.

Tanya Klimenko / Russia
Born in 1988 in Rostov-on-Don in Russia. Illustrator, designer, mainly working in porcelain. She lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the Academy of Architecture and Art in Rostov, becoming mainly known as the author of very original series of objects made in porcelain – phantasmagorical series revolving around traditions, beliefs and legends of ancient Russia, but presented in a very modern rendering.

Ksenia Kaniewska / Curator
Lives In Warsaw. Art historian and graduate of Ukrainian Philology at the Warsaw University. Translator of contemporary prose and poetry from Ukrainian. Graduate of curatorial studies at the Art History Department of the Jagiellonian Univeristy, concluded with the exhibition called “Peak of heroes”. Acting on the border of art and literature, fascinated by the Ukrainian postmodernism, as the topic of her research she chose the generation who underwent the transformation in the former Soviet Union countries. She is interested in geopolitics and art of the countries of the former Eastern Bloc. Carries out actions against public repression of artists (especially in Belarus and Ukraine). For several years she has been working in the editorial office for interior design magazine Elle Decoration.

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