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make me!

The make me! contest and exhibition are one of the landmarks of the Łódź Design Festival, and one of the most important international contests aimed at young designers. The ultimate goal of make me! is to promote the young generation of designers during each consecutive edition of the festival. The predominant distinguishing features of projects selected for the exhibition are: a new way of thinking about the reality which surrounds us and ignoring the current trends. The exhibition presents the projects and their designers who, despite their young age, are already conscious artists.
This year the selected projects fall within four strong groups: Emotions/involvement – Movement – Nomadism – DIY. However, they do not thoughtlessly mirror the current trends and fashions, but rather they result from the needs of the designers themselves who by developing the not strictly commercial prototypes create objects for their immediate surroundings. Given the fact that the competition is directed at a specific generation, it is no wonder that the submitted projects are related to subjects that are most familiar to young designers. In the exhibition we show objects in sets assigned to specific keywords. Since the keywords result from each other, they intertwine with one another, even to create a narrative and path around the exhibition.

This year 21 projects have been selected out of 247 applications; the selected projects will be presented at the exhibition. The common factor of all these projects, aside from the age of their authors, is a mature presentation of the submitted work.

Despite various functions, stylistics, materials and technologies used for production, these projects suggest freshness and maturity of the new generation of designers.

This year edition is perhaps most international of all; the festival will host guests from Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Lithuania, but also from Australia, Japan and Taiwan. make me! thus became not only the most important design contest for young designers in Poland, but also one of the most important contests of this type in the world.

“Brave New World”, the slogan of this year festival, applies above all to the young generation of designers. We do put our hopes in them; therefore, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the finalists of this year edition of the make me! contest.
Paweł Grobelny – make me! exhibition curator


1. Silvia Lovasova, 1:1
2. Joanna Jurga, Dominika Wysogląd, Martyna Ochojska, zestawyZestaw [setSet]
3. Studio Blond & Bieber (Essi Johanna Glomb & Rasa Weber), Algaemy
4. Tomasz Drożdż, TwoSides
5. Marzena Krupa, Stick
6. Bernard Benny, The Swallowtail Mirror
7. Latko & Fragstein (Michał Latko, Łukasz Fragstein), A1
8. Magda Pawlas, Dress me up
9. Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Kawara Chair
10. Falbanka (Izabela Sroka, Julia Cybis), Kraty [Bars]
11. Agnieszka Pikus, Evo
12. menthol architects (Liliana Krzycka, Rafał Pieszko), Dziupla

13. Eglė Jacinavičiūtė, Savvas Lazaridis, Domestichordophone
14. Iga Węglińska, Projekt koncepcyjny obuwia damskiego
15. Alicja Patanowska, Plantacja [Plantation]
16. Katarzyna Dobiecka, LED IT BE
17. Aleksandra Satława, Wazony Florian [Florian’s Vases]
18. Jan Godlewski, Patyczaki [Stick Insects]
19. Bracia Ebert – Marcin Ebert, Lampostolik
20. Fabricia Chang, Flexible Order
21. Justyna Strociak, Magda Gąsiorowska, Grip chłodzący [Cooling Grip]

One of the above projects will be awarded with the Grand Prix of PLN 20,000 funded by the Main Sponsor of the Festival, Ceramika Paradyż. The verdict will be announced at the oppening day at 9th October.


The jury of this year’s competition consist of:

Paweł Grobelny – designer, exhibition curator, teacher at the School of Form
Marek Cecuła – artist, designer, former Dean of Ceramic Faculty at Parson School of Design in New York, curently visiting professor at the Royal Collage of Art w Londynie
Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka – propagator of Polish design, exhibition curator and Programme Director at the School of Form
Tomek Rygalik – designer, professor, artistic director
Michał Piernikowski – Director, Łódź Design Festival

Additional awards:

The contest prize is a trip to the Furniture Days workshop taking place in the headquarters of Interprint (Arnsberg, Germany).
Interprint Furniture Days provide a space for exciting dialogue between renowned representatives from the interior design industry. At the meeting, a creative designing team will present the trendiest decors and the hottest design trends for the coming seasons. The organiser’s intention is to show to its business partners from the furniture industry how the process of creating trends, including their interpretation and ‘converting’ them into products that are ready for marketing, looks like. The workshop facilitates the establishment of new business relationships and it serves as a platform to discuss interesting topics.