Legend is a term that is all too often abused when describing a successful individual, but in the case of graphic designer David Carson, it’s just one of many superlatives you could use: innovator, pioneer, groundbreaker, gamechanger – Carson deserves them all. Through his seminal, groundbreaking work for Ray Gun magazine during the ’90s, Carson single-handedly shook up the world of graphic design – often placing more importance on the visual composition of the pages than on the text itself. He was never far from controversy, upsetting the purists with his unorthodox approach – once finding an interview with Bryan Ferry so boring that he used dingbat forthe entire piece. Such is Carson’s legacy (and he’s long way from being done, yet), that everywhere you go you can see his influence – whether it’s on the front cover of a mainstream or in the publication or in the opening credits of a mainstream film. Without doubt, David Carson’s work will be here long after the talented surfer (yes, he surfs, too) has rode his last wave.

During the Lodz Design Festival, David Carson will give a lecture Self indulgent design.