must have from Poland pays a visit to Hong Kong!

must have from Poland
Organised by: Adam Mickiewicz Institute (
Curated by: Łódź Design Festival (
Exhibition design: Łosiak & Siwiak Architects (
Expert cooperation: Ewa Solarz
Layout partner: Pfleiderer
The term must have reflects emotions: desire, promise, satisfaction. The must have from Poland exhibition organised by the Łódź Design Festival gathers objects that are designed by Polish designers and currently available in stores. These are exquisite pieces – carefully thought out and accessible to everyone. This is already the third time that a panel of must have experts has selected the very best of what Polish design has to offer from recent years. So far, the selected projects have been shown in Łódź, Milan and Berlin. Collectively, they put forth a picture of young artists whose works fulfil the needs of today’s consumers with grace and charm, and sometimes even define completely new needs. Everything around us, from books, packaging and ceramics to furniture, home supplies or bicycles calls out for our attention. The presentation at the Inno Design Tech Expo brings you a collection of items from all three editions of must have. Many of the objects on display can already be found in people’s homes and certainly all of them make the cut as items worthy of recommendation. These designs offer a simple and unmistakeable lesson in aesthetics – no words necessary, a glance is enough. Well-designed items are friendly. They do not create boundaries. They invite the user to admire them and encourage a dialogue, often while demonstrating their creator’s unique individuality. They awaken our desire to have them for ourselves. The Hong Kong exhibition is brought to you by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, which has been showing the best, most valuable and most worthy in Polish culture to the world for the last 10 years.