TypoPolo: Typowy bar [TypoPolo: A Typical Bar-Room]

Varnishing Day: 17 October (Friday), 6 pm
Artist: Jakub Stępień

A Typical Bar-Room is the Polish vernacular typography as presented by Jakub Stępień in the form of a lecture and graphic representation used in the interior and in a shop window. The presentation is aimed at raising awareness of what is behind the concept of TypoPolo, how it performs in a public space, and what strategies are employed. During the Lodz Design Festival, Owoce i Warzywa bar-room will be using a new visual identification and have a corresponding menu (baked beans, casserole, Polish soft drink called white orangeade). Also, presentation of a book on TypoPolo will take place on the varnishing day.

Jakub Stępień aka Hakobo (born 1976) is one of the world’s 50 most significant poster designers (according to John Foster, the author of a book “New Masters of Poster Design: Poster Design for the Next Century”). Also, he is in his element as author of visual identifications and works bordering on art and design, in the realm of fashion and applied graphics. He works for numerous cultural institutions including the art museum Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz, the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Galeria Design – BWA Wrocław, Tate Britain. His customers include Pogo, Lodz Design Festival, Wyborowa, TVP, and others. His works are conspicuous for their characteristic style inspired both by traditional graphic crafts and by street culture. Stępień’s works include both simple compositions showing his disciplined creativity, and other forms resulting from his fascination with camouflage, graphic noise, and the aesthetics of excess.

Owoce i Warzywa
ul. Traugutta 9 Łódź
Monday-Thursday 10:00-01:00
Friday-Saturday 10:00-03:00
Sunday 12:00-01:00