Lighting changes the space, Chors

Author: Chors
Place: Centrum Festiwalowe 1, budynek C, I piętro
09.10 - 18:00-21:00
10.10-19.10 - 10:00-19:00

Light is one of the most important factors in shaping the space of any interior. It depends on the quality of lighting if we feel good in a room. Especially in the era of LED, it is important to carefully design the lighting. As part of the exhibition “Lighting changes the space”, we will show You how different types of lighting affect the space. We will enable You to experiment with different lighting techniques in order to compare what are the effects of changing different factors such as: – Quality of light – Way of scatter – Direction of lighting – Color of light. We want You to realize how much depends on the choice of the light source, whether the light is directional and diffuse. We want to show the difference in the appearance of the skin in a bad and a good light.