Design by: Kronopol
Venue: Festival Centre One, Ground Floor in Building C
09.10 18:00-21:00
10.10 – 19.10  10:00-19:00

In terms of technologies, a kitchen is highly sensitive to the material used in it. Except for the intensive every day wear and tear creating demand for materials resilient to abrasion, scratching or staining and for long-lasting materials, there is also a need for surfaces that are moisture- and heat-proof. All that, combined with an approach giving consideration to the issues of aesthetics and to possibilities to shape form easily based on a wide assortment of materials matching the needs of different groups of customers, has been guaranteed by the panels used in the exhibition space. This is why it is a KITCHEN that has been featured by the company of KRONOPOL in its part of the exhibition. What has been highlighted covers a wide range of product specific attributes and advantages resulting from the use of the SWISSCDF and SYMFONIA collection plates.