Merano-inManufacture-Reddot  Bez názvu0023748

Author: TON
Place: Centrum Festiwalowe 1 / Festival Centre 1 , B, C, 1st floor

The exhibition of TON illustrates the paradox of the new world.

Advanced technology, sophisticated numerically controlled machines, multi-generational experience allow people to create organic forms, minimalist designs, and models that are getting closer and closer to nature. New patterns created by the best designers allow informed consumers to fulfil their aspirations – living in harmony with and closeness to nature, taking care of health, communicating with beauty, and great fun.

The presented MERANO family of chairs designed by Alex Gufler is a tangible evidence of the implementation of this concept. Simple and light forms made of a natural raw material and connected to each other without the use of foreign materials – this is the vision of the new wonderful world of TON.

MERANO armchair won, among others, RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, GOOD DESIGN and a nomination for GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.