Katarzyna Dobiecka, Led it be

A modern fluorescent LED lamp framed in wood and string is a recipe for “LED IT BE” – a lamp ideal for use in a variety of interior spaces.

The fluorescent LED tube is powered as a standard light bulb and does not require frames or additional adapters. These are the main assumptions of the concept of the lamp, which change the existing patterns of thinking about the form of linear lighting and its technical purpose.

The project is a creative interpretation of possibilities that new technologies offer. The fruit of many people is confronted with the activity of one human. Reduction of the manufacturing process to the minimum and the use of basic materials such as wood and string give us the feeling that we are still able to decide how our future can “look like”.

The author is an architect,  a designer of small and large scale, acting at the interface between various fields, in space and on the 2D plane. Katarzyna is active in the design of public spaces and applied graphics and designs buildings, interiors, furniture, and objects.