Interprint & Pfleiderer: “Materials we love” – Concept by Zięta & Kuchciński

Design by: Interprint, Pfleiderer
Venue: Festival Centre One, Floor One in Building B
09.10 18:00-21:00
10.10 – 19.10  10:00-19:00

Materials do incorporate an escaping definition which provokes our emotions: they can fascinate, enchant, and attract. How is it possible to capture that “something” in the décor? What is indispensable are: extensive research, imagination and aesthetic sensitivity of the designers, knowledge and experience of the print specialists and specialists in the production of wood-derived materials, as well as advanced technologies. The companies of Interprint and Pfleiderer have built an exclusive décor collection inspired by materials used in contemporary architecture – in cooperation with Piotr Kuchciński and Oskar Zięta. The results of the work done by the interdisciplinary team can be admired at the stall displaying the newest system of furniture designed by Oskar Zięta.