IKEA PS 2014, On the move

The exhibition presents and highlights products from the IKEA PS 2014 Collection. Since they fit into any corner of your home, they do not occur in a specific arrangement. It is the user to decide whether she or he will place them in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or in the hallway.We want the visitors to have a feeling of transience – as if the objects were put on the display a moment ago and were to be moved to another location in a second. Thanks to this endeavour the exhibition is dynamic and stimulates viewer’s imagination.
PS Colletion consists of unique, designer products. It was launched in 1995 and occurs in IKEA stock every couple of years. T he theme of PS 2014 is “On the move”, a motto that relates to urban life, fast paste, great dynamics and rapid changes.

Festival Centre 1
ul. Tymienieckiego 3 Łódź
9.10 – 18:00-21:00
10.10-19.10 – 10:00-19:00