Furniture in the cabarets sweaters

Curators: Kamila and Wojtek Wyrobek
Project partners: Łowcy.B Cabaret

Furniture inspired by painting works, architecture, or icons of design – we all have already seen them and they will not surprise anyone. Or maybe furniture modelled on old and torn and not very tasteful sweaters? This gave us an incentive to involve ourselves in the work for “Wyrobki”, a redesign atelier. This is how the collection of furniture inspired by the sweaters of the Łowcy.B. cabaret was compiled. We started working on the Polish furniture from the 1960s with an expressive style: representative slanted legs and geometric solid. The collection forms a coherent whole – furnishings for a living room. Each of the cabaret’s sweaters has its colourful furniture equivalent: chest of drawers – Bartosz Gajda, table – Bartosz Góra, armchair – Paweł Pindur, TV table – Sławek Szczęch, lamp with a newspaper holder – Maciek Szczęch, pouf – Mariusz Kałamaga. Apart from painted furnishings, you will also find knitted elements. The furniture was thoroughly renovated and hand painted with ecological watercolour paints. Today, almost half a century since their creation they can please the eye of a recipient. This time in a completely different and decidedly more daring style.


“Wyrobki” – that’s us – Kamila and Wojtek. “Wyrobki” – that is also our furniture created with passion and commitment. Original and unique – we produce only single copies of them. We play with form and colour. We give an old and forgotten piece of furniture a second chance to be a superstar! Our furniture is always renovated using the materials of the best quality. All of them are hand painted with ecological watercolour paints with indispensable certificates, and they can also serve children and allergy sufferers. Don’t be a bore, take a piece of “Wyrobki” for yourself!

Monday-Thursday 13:00-23:00
Friday-Saturday 13.00-2.00
Sunday 13:00-23:00