Fabricia Chang, Flexible Order

Fabricia Chang grew up in Taipei, graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013 ,Man and Leisure Department. By looking deeply into the things people take for granted, she hopes to create new patterns to intrigue people to look closer into cultural topics.

As a foreigner living in the Netherlands, a well-organized country, Fabricia discovered the appearance of housing is regulated by a spatial quality management system that emphasizes on non-functional appearances in public spaces. For her it is interesting that people agree to keep similar architectural style according to the regulations despite their personal aesthetic sentiments and preferences regarding the ways of expressing uniformity and order.

Based on her observation and research, Fabricia envisaged a modular system containing various functions which could be arranged by each user individually, therefore allowing the users to create their own order within a given order. With the system, a new relationship between freedom and order is achieved.