Educreation | Workshops

We invite you to workshops in the Paradyż Land!

Workshops for children are the most interesting form of activity. Here one can play with imagination, enquire, ask, check out and create to his heart’s content. Children do love it! During this year workshops children will find out: Can grandparents’ outdoor games be fun? Is making an animated film difficult? How does one draw a cartoon strip? What do our noses say? How does one go about making a park miniature? They will even try and find an answer to the question: How will a city of the future look like?

The workshops have been prepared for both preschool children (aged 3-5) and school children (aged 6-12). We have invited professionals engaged in, amongst others: film industry and fashion – Maria Strzelecka; architecture – Pracownia k, and a very unusual profession of a senselier – Marta Siembab, the first senselier in Poland.