Curator: ‘Triangle’ (Trojkat) Student Society (Faculty of Visual Arts, Szczecin Academy of Art)

Authors: Interior Architecture students and graduates (Faculty of Visual Arts, Szczecin Academy of Art)

CUBETURA is an exhibition featuring projects by interior architecture students and graduates held at regular intervals ever since the Szczecin Academy of Art was established. Three years of existence of this interdisciplinary school of arts coincide with three years of existence of the Department of Interior Architecture at the Faculty of Visual Arts. With the passing of time, a concept has been developed to organise an event to show the achievements and the potentials of this discipline of art. The originator of the project is the Student Society “Triangle” that unites students, graduates and academics from the Department of Interior Architecture who, in search of new challenges, have decided to contribute to the artistic image of Szczecin. The passion and commitment of young designers has borne fruit in the form of CUBETURA 2013, the 1st Students Interior Architecture Triennial in Szczecin.

The exhibition consists of prototypes of furniture and utilitarian objects, interior designs, landscape architecture designs, exhibition designs and stage designs.

Dom Towarzystwa Kredytowego
ul. Pomorska 21 Łódź
09.10 – 19.10, 10:00-19:00