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All-year calendar for children 2014/2015

For two years now Educreation. Children Encountering Design has been accompanied by an all-year calendar for children, its main goal being acquainting the youngest festival participants as well as their parents and carers with the world of design. This year we prepared a unique publication entitled “Is there really need to design everything?”, which is meant to show children that we are all surrounded by design. Not only everyday objects need to be designed; also houses, computer programmes, graphic signs, fonts and even services.

Introduction to the calendar was penned by Katarzyna Kłosińska, a linguist from the Polish Radio, Programme 3, who has been explaining linguistic intricacies in her daily programme “Which way the language is blowing” for many years now. Definitions of 13 words from the realm of design, e.g.: interior design, architecture, fashion, typography or services were prepared by Ewa Solarz, author of “D.E.S.I.G.N”, the first Polish book on design for children; Paweł Jońca, a well-known and highly regarded artistic produced illustrations for each of the 13 words.