Curator and architect of the exhibition: Juli Capella

Opening of the exhibition and the guided tour will take place on the 11th of October at 11.00.

Juli Capella decided to introduce 21 designers and show 21 objects designed by them, each against the background of the portrait of its author. The aim of the exhibition is to present the contemporary Spanish avant-garde by showing an apparently non-homogenous group of designers (what they have in common is that all of them were born after 1960), selected according to the criterion of high quality design work. Despite style differences among the authors, there are also things they have in common. They have all graduated from schools of design and none of them is a self-taught artist or graduate in another field of study, as it happened to be a decade or so ago. Lots of them have completed their education abroad. If there is something that can characterize them, it must be a strong individualism and desire of each of them to remain distinct from other designers.

In front of the photographs showing the designers in their workshops, one can see their works: from re-interpretation of a traditional wicker chair or a make-believe barricade of containers to an urban bike rack or a flower vase made of petroleum junk. The exhibited items are used to touch upon issues which, according to the curator of the exhibition, launch the emerging Spanish design of the 21st century, including environmental challenges, conceptualization of applied problem solving, multidisciplinarity, social sensitivity. Also, the designs are tinged with subtle irony and a sense of humor. Some of the objects, produced by renowned companies, are exhibited alongside risky experimental designs often manufactured by the designers themselves in limited series, or under pilot projects, as prototypes. Apart from the most state-of-the-art technologies, the production process also uses techniques borrowed from the traditional craft sector.

 Juli Capella

Juli Capella, born in Barcelona in 1960, is architect with a degree from the Barcelona School of Architecture, and works on design and architecture fields. He founded and directed the design magazines De Diseño and Ardi. He was also in charge for the design department of Domus magazine. He is author of different books, like New Spanish Design and Tiny Architecture. He had been curator of Spanish and international exhibitions like A la Castiglioni, Vanity Case by StarckSpanish Industrial Design and Tapas. Spanish Design for Food.

He founded the Barcelona Spring Design biennial. He writes since 1985 articles about design, architecture and cultural issues in national and international publications. Currently and since 2006, he writes a weekly article in El Periódico de Catalunya. Among his architecture works stands out the leisure centers Zig-Zag in Murcia and Heron City in Barcelona, the hotels Omm and Diagonal in Barcelona, and the multipurpose building Espai Ridaura, in Girona. Among its latest projects of interior design are a Camper footwear store in Madrid, Vienna and Tokyo, and the restaurants Jaleo and Minibar by José Andrés in Washington.

Currently, he leads, along with Miquel Garcia, the studio Capella Garcia Arquitectura in Barcelona, for the development of urban planning projects, architecture and interior design.

Designers and their projects:

Antoni Arola
Lampa/ Lámpara / Lamp Moaré

Martín Azúa
Taboret/ Taburete / Stool Flod

Nacho Carbonell
Rzeźby / Esculturas / sculptures Concrete Animals

Curro Claret
Wazon / Florero / Flower vase Chapapote

Stolik / Mesita / Table Bowler

díez+díez diseño
Lampa / Lámpara / Lamp Kyoto

El Último Grito
Przedmiot uniwersalny / Objeto polivalente / Multipurpose object Mico

Emiliana Design Studio
Doniczka / Jardinera / Window box ZigZag

Luis Eslava
Lampa / Lámpara / Lamp Tria

Guillem Ferran
Krzesło / Silla / Chair Colgador

Joan Gaspar
Doniczka / Jardinera / Window box Drink

Martí Guixé
Siedzisko / Asiento Xarxa / Xarxa Sofa

Jaime Hayón
Lampa / Lámpara / Lamp Josephine M

Stojak na rowery / Aparcabicicletas Key / Bicycle stand

Ernest Perera
Przedmioty do przechowywania / Piezas de almacenaje / Storage objects Aurea

Diego Ramos
Krzesło / Silla Wrinkle’s Beauty (con / with/ z Luis Eslava)

Mario Ruíz
Głośnik / Altavoz SoLine / Loudspeaker

Héctor Serrano
Lampa / Lámpara / Lamp V

Stone Designs
Pojemniki / Contenedores / Containers Guerrilla

Ramón Úbeda
Taboret / Taburete Cul de Luxe / Stool (con / with / z Otto Canalda)

Patricia Urquiola
Fotel / Butaca / Armchair Maia
Zdjęcia/Photos by: Rafael Vargas