Authors: RWSL Architecture Studio

How the city changes from day to day may go unnoticed for the inhabitants of Lodz, but not for visitors. Whoever attends the annual events such as Design Festival emphasises the fast pace of change for the better in Lodz. Renovated townhouses are now delightful to see not only on visualisation images, but in real life. The audacious project undertaking the regeneration of historic buildings has come to life. The orderly arrangement of public spaces, urban streets, shop displays and yards is no longer at a planning stage, but is happening. The Brave New Łódź exhibition will offer a good opportunity to see how the concepts created in the minds of architects and designers have materialised, first taking the form of visualisation images, animations and models, then finally being implemented.

RWSL Architecture Studio specialises in architectural design for companies and institutions. RWSL’s customer portfolio includes clothing store chains such as Reserved, House, Mohito, Sinsay, Monnari, Venezia, Kappahl, Stradivarius, restaurant chains such as DaGrasso, Hana Sushi, the oil company Shell, and a pleiad of institutions e.g. Polish Post, PGNiG, the Ministry of Interior or the City of Lodz, to name but a few. RWSL gains satisfaction from projects involving revitalisation and modernisation of historic townhouses giving them the opportunity to restore historic urban fabric and to acquire specialist knowledge of reconstruction.

6. Dzielnica is a new club in the very heart of the city. It is full of creative energy and discussions about ideas. It is a space for artists, seething with arts, music, filled with exceptional personalities. Our mission is to create a special place, a sort of modern parlour for those who want to have an impact on the future of Lodz, of Poland, whilst having a great time in good company. It offers an exciting array of music, artistic, cultural events, and it also serves as a venue for the discussion of economic and social topics or about mass media.

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6 dzielnica
ul. Piotrkowska 102 Łódź
Tuesday – Sunday from 17:00 to the last client.
opening: 10.10, 19:00