Alessi – The Dream Factory

Marti Guixe, Food Design & Alessi. Even food may be a manifestation of design. What best exemplifies it is a book and designs by Marti Guixe, a Spanish designer whose strong dislike for excessively stylized design, focused mostly on the form, has resulted in perceiving his style as synonymous with critical design. Also, the artist’s favouring materials which can be applied fairly quickly and are “handy” and easy to adapt to the rigours of mass consumption have made him innovative in the area of food design. Developing new structural connections around eating itself, covering food products, food industry and consumers, is only one of the many issues presented in the book “Food Design” whose author – in the products designed by himself, including those presented in the Alessi catalogue – negates the connection between eating and cooking, cuisine traditions, or the sector of food and beverages. Instead, the artist emphasizes a new way of perceiving objects accompanying eating which has long since ceased to be a mere necessity and has become a consumption product. The exhibits, including table centrepieces to which the designer has signed his name, or his storage containers for sugar or seeds, will definitely appeal to those visitors who are lovers of modern applied design.

Pet Design – Designing for the love of animals. Animals happen to be an inseparable and very important part of many people’s lives. For that reason, and also due to the formidable talent of Mirriam Mirri, a designer whose heart for animals and love for top design make a harmonious whole reflected in her designs, the Pet Design items have also become an inherent part of the Alessi catalogue. Products to which this Italian artist has signed her name reflect all the feelings and emotions which are part of the daily lives of pet owners. Love, admiration, attachment, and knowledge of the daily routines and responsibilities have become reflected in the bowls and pet feeder containers from the Mio and Lula collections (for cats and for dogs, respectively) featuring solutions which are both practical and exceptional and which have initiated a broader and extremely popular line of products. Encouraged by the success of the Pet Design and by its popularity with customers loyal to the brand, Miriam Mirri has also decided to take care of bigger dogs (see: the Lula feeder bowl) and of domestic tigers (see: the Tigrito cat feeder bowl). With her latest design, a PetNic travel pet basket, also to be seen in the Alessi part of the exhibition, the designer urges you to go outdoors to walk your pet dog and to sport her design! The shapes which cause admiration and add up to the charm of home interiors, the practical designs and the attractive colours intended to serve the needs of our pets are likely to appeal to everybody, including those who have not yet got a pet of their own.

Jewellery sparkle and glitter of Objet Bijoux. Products which are going to be displayed at the exhibition as part of the Objet Bijoux line are real gems of the Alessi brand. What is common to all of them is not only their small size and the elegant black packaging which makes them ideal for presents, but also the exceptional idea behind the design of all of them. Small kitchen accessories, jewellery extras, or Objet Bijoux jewellery can be admired for the careful finishing touch they have all received, for the beauty of the material used in their production (i.e. stainless steel in most of the cases), and also for the unexpected solutions. A wine bottle drip collar in the shape of a diamond ring, a handbag hanger in the shape of a cat, a beaver-shaped pencil sharpener, or a heart-shaped nutcracker, to name just a few of the exhibited products, will definitely appeal to visitors to the exhibition.

Brave Design – Design for the brave ones! The Brave Design branded objects have been created by designers who are not afraid to experiment either with the form, or with the functionality of their works. Also, they are objects which – more than any others – deserve to be referred to as applied art, whose shape and purpose escape univocal definition. Behind all that are designers like Zaha Hadid, the author of an unusual table centrepiece called Niche and initiator of undertakings of the (Un)Forbidden City type which have resulted in developing 8 best and exceptionally brave projects by 8 best Chinese architects. The original forms which often bring to mind objects manufactured by the most accomplished craftsmen are capable of surprising, provoking and exalting imagination. Similarly, the joyful products from the AdiAlessi catalogue, recognizable all over the world, are examples of design which – due to the colours and shapes employed – demands of the users a good deal of bravery and a good sense of humour. Is it a table centrepiece, a dish for starters, or a cosmic ship? See it yourself and make your guess, visiting the Alessi part of the exhibition.

The Alessi Brand, also known as the Italian Dream Factory, is a family company established by Giovani Alessi in 1921. Over the years, due to his striving for perfection and combining cutting-edge technologies and requirements typical of industrial production with beautiful, unusual forms and functionality, quite a number of Alessi brand items have earned the status of design icons, products that stick in the mind, are objects of desire, and have become an inseparable part of the history of world design. However, what is going to be the Alessi-focused part of the exhibition will include not only the most popular Alessi products designed by the top world designers and considered to enjoy cult following. Some parts of the exhibition will highlight the works by Marti Guixe, the author of “Food Design”, or products for animals included in the Pet Design line shown in the Alessi catalogue as works by Miriam Mirri, a famous designer. The remaining components of this exhibition which you just cannot give a miss to are with a focus on rather small, but exceptionally decorative jewellery designs from the elegant Objet Bijoux series, and on Brave Design branded products.

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