3Details of Lodz

Curator: Michał Gruda
Authors (joint work): Justyna Kusowska, Emilia Staniaszek, Bartosz Szewczyk, Aleksandra Skowrońska, Wiktoria Świech, Anna Helena Służewska, Artur Felkel, Tomasz Kosiński, Ewa Olechnowicz, Adam Brajter

3Details of Lodz is a project implemented in the first half of 2014 by the Museum of the City of Lodz with the substantial technological and content-related support of the Rabbit Form company and the financial contribution of the Orange Foundation under the Orange Academy programme.

The main purpose of the undertaking was to enhance the knowledge of students from post-secondary schools of Lodz with information about the architectural and visual qualities of the buildings in downtown Lodz, with a particular focus on its decorative features. Several tens of guided tours of the city centre were made available for more than 400 students. Twenty photo contest participants were selected to attend special workshops on 3D modelling and photography. In May, course attendees took intensive classes under the guidance of experts during which they sought out interesting elements of Lodz architecture and took photographs of them to later use them for producing computer 3D models, and finally, for making 3D prints.

Urząd Miasta Łodzi
Piotrkowska 87 Łódź
01 – 14.10 poniedziałek – piątek 9:00 – 19:00
sobota – niedziela 10:00 – 15:00