1000 years in necklaces

Design of the presented projects: Anna Orska
Project curator: Agnieszka Stempin

The “1000 years in necklaces” exhibition is part of an interdisciplinary project “Modern beauty of the ancient wood”, started by the Genius Loci Archaeological Reserve in 2013. The Reserve invited Anna Orska, Poznań based jewellery designer who uses rare materials, to create jewellery inspired by the 1000 year long history and use the original historic oak from which the city of Poznań had been built. Thus a unique collection of twelve necklaces was produced. After one thousand years, the ancient wood returned in a new, artistic guise.

Anna Orska
A jewellery designer with over a dozen year long experience introduced several thousand design models for production for big and small companies both in Poland and abroad. She’s the author of big productions, limited series as well as special tailor-made orders. Her work was exhibited in New York, Milan and Berlin. The most artistic visions have been created under the ORSKA label. Anna Orska was the pioneer of upcycling on a large scale in Poland, thus initiating a new style in the jewellery making. Due to her passion and energy she invents new processes every day. Small masterpieces of her design have been worn by: Sharon Stone, Andie MacDowell, Grażyna Kulczyk, Nina Terentiew, Grażyna Torbicka, Katarzyna Figura, Beata Sadowska and Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka.


„Genius Loci” Archaeological Reserve in Poznań

is a new centre of the Archaeological Museum. The Reserve combines tradition with modernity, which allows for a new, surprising and fresh look into the past. Original relics of monumental embankments built one thousand years ago of an oak tree were discovered by archaeologists from Poznań and are currently displayed as part of a unique exposition. It is truly unique on a European scale, from both cognitive and museum science perspectives, as it defies stereotypes about the Middle Ages. Modern technologies help understand the engineering genius and powerful ideas of the first builders of the Polish state. The Archaeological Reserve was granted most prestigious awards during the two years of its existence: Investments 2012, at the nationwide Sybilla contest organized by the National Institute for Museums; First Prize for the most outstanding museum event of 2012 at the “Izabella” Greater Poland contest and the First Prize and the “Izabella 2013” statue known as a museum “Oscar” in the “Educational activity” category in the Greater Poland region.


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