Main Programme

The here and now definitely favours design. Fewer and fewer areas remain where no one has tried to design anything. The number of occupations linked to design is growing. Design is absorbing and assimilating various traditional professions and crafts, at the same time taking advantage of innovative technologies and means of manufacture, and new working methods. Design connects to the rapidly changing world in numerous ways, positioning itself at its very core.
The expansion of design means that society has begun to have myriad, diverse expectations of designers. Not long ago we held up architects as gurus who were able to solve all sorts of problems, not just about questions of good taste and general spatial order. It was hoped their works would help power to be fairly shared, would organise society seamlessly and also effectively satisfy the needs of individuals. Right now numerous key questions are asked of designers concerning the world around us. Now they are perceived as creative visionaries who shape individual and collective tastes, accommodating new ideas, saving valuable motifs from oblivion and – last but not least – meeting contemporary challenges: political, economic, ecological or social.
Can these growing expectations be fulfilled? Can design really make a valuable contribution to the process of building a better new world in the future or the present?
During the 8th edition of the Łódź Design Festival we want to ask these and other open questions, by presenting solutions from various fields of design. Our goal is to present a curatorial interpretation of this year’s theme, allowing us to examine the issue from various perspectives, in order for us to take decisions ourselves about whether daring design projects carry with them the promise of improvements to our lives. Everyone will have the opportunity to join in with the festival and try their hand autonomously at making, fixing, creating and improving.
We’ll be moving along a “construction-deconstruction axis” understood as two strategies or means of approaching design work. The first of them involves the creation and translation of the language of science, technology and new inventions to our daily reality. The other involves restoring, dismantling and re-assembling existing ideas already functioning in the global consciousness.
We shall find out in October whether we and the invited curators have managed to present design projects which will contribute to the building of a “Brave New World”.

Main Programme:

Brave Fixed World
Strefa Testów [Test Zone]
City Lust
Resolute – Design Changes

Medusa Design Projects
Szafa [The Wardrobe]
Przepis na mały dizajn [Recipe for small design]
Nowe rzemiosło [New Crafts]