For Kids / Educreation

Educreation is part of the Łódź Design Festival dedicated to children – the most responsive and the most curious explorers of the world of design. For three years now we have been arranging unique programmes especially for them, but also for their parents and carers, in order to teach them – by means of fun and games – what design really is.

Children love creative play and searching for answers to unusual questions; that is why each year we organize the Educational Playroom equipped with creative toys, a series of creative workshops and an all-year calendar for children to take home. Additionally, a special guide takes children for the so-called “Walks” around the “adult” exhibitions, acquainting them with the world of design in a language which is comprehensible for them.

The Paradyż Land: this year the Playroom has been organized under the auspices of the Paradyż Ceramics, Chief Patron of the Festival.