Designer Zone

In The Designer’s Zone, we will display innovative tools and solutions useful in the work of designers and architects. As part of our presentation, training and workshop program there will be a possibility to learn about software for architects (Ceramika Paradyż, CAD Projekt K&A) and about 3D printing (Zmorph). Also, visitors to the Zone will be able to have a look at magazines with a focus on construction and interior design and decoration, published by Wydawnictwo Murator.

The Designer’s Zone will be open over the main weekend of the Festival (9–12.10.2014.) in No. 1 Festival Centre (Art_Incubator) at No. 3, Tymienieckiego St. (ul. Tymienieckiego 3).

The Designer’s Zone has been developed by the Partners:
CAD Projekt K&A
Ceramika Paradyż
Wydawnictwo Murator

The Designer’s Zone has been established on the initiative of the Lodz Design Festival and CAD Projekt K&A.