Faces of Lodz Design Festival

Thanks to the cooperation with AMS, our outdoor campaign continues throughout October.

On the citylights are:
Przemo Łukasik, Medusa Group
Aleksandra Kietla, LDF Director of Promotion, Spokesperson
Michał Piernikowski, LDF Director
Małgorzata Żmijska, LDF Program Director
Aga Szóstek, curator of the exhibition DEEP NEED | empathy and Design
Magdalena Kochanowska, curator of the exhibition DEEP NEED | empathy and design
Jurgen Bey, LDF 2013 special guest
Honey & Bunny (Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter) – curators of the Food | Design | Humanity exhibition
Weronica Rochacka , a member of the LDF Program Council
Agnieszka Jacobson – Cielecka, a member of the Program Council LDF
Marcin Dąbrowski and Joanna Namyślak, Ortografika Design Studio, layout designers LDF2013
Mark Cecuła, curator of the accompanying exhibition Art Food

Each of those, generated by the Application It’s all about you, a unique poster, which became part of a graphic design.

On this occasion we would also like to remind you, of the possibility of using our Facebook application – Redesign Your Photo. You can achieve similar effect using it. Have fun!

Special thanks to all curators, designers, sponsors, media patrons, volunteers and the entire festival team taking part in the creation of this event.