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We will sea…

Exhibition of works made by students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design The Academy of Fine Arts of Gdansk
curators: Marta Flisykowska, Marta Kołacz
cooperation: DESK Design Kolektyw

The challenge put forward by the curators of the Festival this year – the question about the Brave New World – forces both the audience and the participants to take a stand in the debate about the role of design. Should design solve social problems? Should designers remain dreamers, making purely artistic projects? And what is the role of the Academy of Fine Arts, which educates designers at the start of their career paths?

Young designers are often confronted with contrary opinions about the role of design. On one hand, they are encouraged to limitless imagination. On the other hand, however, they are expected to have practical knowledge. This leads to creation of beautiful, yet often impractical items that are admired from afar. Student’s imagination is whipped up by catchy buzzwords like that form should follow function or that design should be responsible.

The exhibition “We will sea …” is trying to take part in the discussion. In the
first part of the exhibition, the young designers through their works invite us
on a journey into the future of design. The presented works, like science fiction props, are related to the world that we do not know yet. The second part of the exhibition consists of objects that are dedicated to contemporary times, which is a presentation of the design attitudes of the students from Gdansk. It is kind of a “leap sideways” – an attempt to look at objects being created in the studios, from the perspective of the expectations that are nowadays faced by the design domain and those who practice it.

The Academy is a kind of crucible, a place where personalities are mixing,
where students soak up with both the practice and the theory of design. It is
the beginning of the road for future generations of designers. In the face of
challenges presented at Lodz Design Festival 2014, it is worth to ask yourself the question – what will become of them?