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We Are Building a House – a meeting with the originators of the project

14 October (Tuesday), 6 pm
Designers / Hosts: Weronika Siwiec and Stanisław Kamionka

Weronika Siwiec and Stanisław Kamionka – two young people – have made up their minds to build a house: a model one of straw, wood, and clay. They have decided to raise funds via a crowdfunding platform, and to make their plan and design available to the public on the open-source basis. What is more, the whole undertaking is the subject of Weronika’s master thesis.

The house is to be used all the year round, irrespective of the changing weather. Its small space (merely 25m2) makes it possible to have it constructed without a building permit. The aim underlying the Project is to offer an alternative to the currently dominant housing trends. This undertaking is expected to prove traditional technologies to be unfailing, inexpensive and generally available. What is the most important component of each successful project are helpful people. The house is using old technologies dating from the time when straw or reed were generally used. However, it will not be simple imitation of solutions known from the past. The designers have given their work a contemporary form. How the Project advances can be seen at [www.kawkowo.pl] and on Facebook [facebook.com/budujemydomwkawkowie].

The authors are concerned that anybody willing to could follow their example and build a house of his/her own. This is why the Project will be made available on an open-source basis, i.e. everybody will be able to use it for free. After completion of the construction process, a guidebook and an educational film showing the whole proves in detail will be released as well. The house will be opened all the year round for all those who will wish to visit it. It will play host to workshops and meetings. It is intended to promote ecological housing.

Weronika Siwiec – a graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology; currently: a student of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The Project Budujemy dom / We Are Building a House is developed by her as her master thesis task.

Stanisław Kamionka – a graduate from the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. His job is about designing strategic games. He is interested in photography, especially using the wet plate collodion technique.