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Curator: Bartosz Mucha, Faculty of Arts of Pedagogical University of Cracow

Authors: Martyna Gadziała, Urszula Grad, Magdalena Grzebyk, Julia Kozioł,Michał Jachymek , Marianna Konieczna, Dariusz Iwan, Aleksandra Ochońska, Joanna Opałko, Agnieszka Surma, Tomasz Różak, Kaja Męclewska, Magdalena Zębala, Angelika Nykiel, Gabriela Marzec, Iwona Pieczara

The project was carried out in cooperation with the students of the second year of design at the Pedagogical University of Cracow, under didactic supervision of Bartosz Mucha, a 2D and 3D designer involved in projects at the interface of art and design, the founder of the Poorex brand.

The series of the presented objects was created as a result of a creative exercise that the student got because of reorganisation of the studio. In the place where a CNC router was to be installed there was a huge wardrobe that looked as if it was straight from the 80s (or a decade older). The students got a task to solve this problem in creative way – to take advantage of the wardrobe as a raw material and an opportunity for a design project. The condition was to collide the rawness of the boards of which the piece of furniture was made with pure whiteness or blackness of another material, and the aim was to design a functional object that does not exceed the dimensions of 20cm/20cm/20cm. Another stimulant was to draw a watchword illustrating a day-to-day ritual. The end result was a series of interesting and inspiring objects.