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Curators: Dennis Elbers and Sven Ehmann

The exhibition explores the current state of social responsibility taken up by designers. In vigorous projects these firm designers are determined to contribute to the process of change in society and their profession. Based on moderation, inspiration and engagement they encourage people to shape their opinions and stimulate them to take action.

The development of graphic design used to be shaped by the forces in power; like religion, politics and money. Driven by technological inventions an innovative race in communication emerged, exploiting man’s natural ability to interpret visual messages. As a result graphic designers became important influencers of man’s behavior and opinions.

Now existing structures are questioned more than ever, other forces are shaping graphic design. Graphic designers take up their social responsibility in a counter reaction connecting ideas, information and people.

This counter reaction is not just a visual protest persuading people to reconsider choices and ideas. Today’s activism is designed as activation, making use of technological development and social awareness to truly engage people in creating new connections. This need to create new connections demands a continuous revision of the design profession. A process allowing not just design to change society; but also enabling society to change the way we look at design.

The exhibiton has 3 chapters.
The first one is “Revolt” – to raise awareness.
The second is “Review” – grip by understanding.
The third is “Refresh” – to influence behavior.

The exhibition features current projects by Circus Engelbregt (NL), Studio Smack (NL), Lucas Pope (JP), Ivan & Andy (US), Jeremyville (US), George Butler (UK), Kenji Nakayama & Christopher Hope (US), Joran Koster (NL), Lazaros Kakoulidis & Tzortzis Rallis (GR), Ruben Pater (NL), Eline Turtas (IT), Artur Beifuss (DE) & Francesco Trivini Bellini (IT), Center for Urban Pedagogy (US), Next Nature (NL),Femke Herregraven (NL), Yuri Veerman (NL), The Peace Factory (IL),  Conceptenbouwers/Studio Daad/Raak ICT (NL), Invisible Children (US), Brett Yasko (US) and Made in a Free World (US).

The exhibition is produced for the 2014 Graphic Design Festival Breda (NL). TIESENCOO (NL) designed the scenography with graphics by Staynice (NL).

Dennis Elbers (1979, NL) is an independent curator exploring social impact of visual culture. Dennis is founder of the Graphic Design Festival Breda, a biannual gathering of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and public interventions aiming to inspire designers, their clients and their audiences on a constructive interpretation of visual culture.

Sven Ehmann (1973, DE) is creative director at publishing company Gestalten. Sven edited over 80 books on contemporary visual culture with subjects ranging from information graphics to interactive environments and food. Sven is curious about radically new forms of creative expression and currently explores the intersection between design, technology and journalism.

Together they curated Resolute – Design Changes, an exhibition exploring the current state of social responsibility taken up by designers.