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meeting: Petra Lilja – wykonywanie i ozdabianie biżuterii na żywo w przestrzeni wystawy “Medusa Design Projects” [Medusa Design Projects - making jewellery by Petra Lilja]

Designer: Petra Lilja

Petra Lilja puts focus on craft and sustainability in her design. As a trained industrial designer she explores the field between hand made and industrially produced objects, with the aim to find sustainable solutions. Medusa Design Projects started in June 2013 and is an ongoing project where Petra explore the relationship between design and craftsmanship. The project builds on the myth of Medusa turns wood into stone. This transformation is done with the help of decorative painting – a traditional craft anchored in our own cultural history.

During the first days of the exhibition Petra Lilja will be working in the exhibition, making and decor painting jewelry. The exhibition will also show glasses and mirrors by Petra Lilja who’s methods consists of deconstruction and remixing new and recycled materials. Other pieces shown are mirrors, glasses and furniture. The Medusa Blanket is designed in collaboration with Icelandic design collective Vik Prjónsdóttir and developed with the support of Smart Textiles /Prototype Factory at the School of Textiles in Borås. Work space Mini, is a series of furniture (table, stool and room dividers) designed for small creative homes that needs multifunctional furniture for office as well as workshop use.

Petra Lilja lives and works in a converted car repair shop from the turn of the century in Malmö, where she also runs the world’s smallest design gallery. The gallery shows a mix of up- and coming designers as well as internationally well-known names. Petra Lilja also works as a freelance curator, and her exhibition The Future is Handmade, for Kalmar Art Museum, is touring throughout the year.

 Petra is a well known designer and curator; she also works as the program director of the master design program at the Linnaeus University. In her Medusa Design Projects she explores the relationship between design and craftsmanship and combines her design with music and performance. The project, which also includes collaborations with international designers such as Icelandic Vik Prjonsdottir, is exhibited around Europe during 2014-15.