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Lecture: Light is invisible, but…

Prowadzący wykład LAKO: Luca Zandomenego
Termin: 10.10, 17:30
Miejsce: Centrum Festiwalowe 1, Tymienieckiego 3

LIGHT IS LIFE : light is probably the most influencing element for human activities. It regulates the organism’s biological functions and its characteristics affect the human behaviour.

LIGHT IS EMOTION : General Light allows to perceive the space and could be diffused, visible or hidden. Accent Light creates atmosphere, influences the mood, defines the roles inside the space. Task light influences the human activities and the health.

LIGHT IS DESIGN: Light is “emotion of nowhere” because it is invisible, but its function is primary more than any other element. Architecture is visible thanks to the light, the feeling inside the environments depends on light.
Light is an invisible charm which lies over the objects, giving emotions.

… light is invisible, but everything is visible thanks to light.