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Księży Młyn Studios

Księży Młyn Studios are a creative melting pot for the artists from Łódź. There are ateliers of: painters’, photography, graphics, fashion design and interior design; all of them located in this historic, yet until recently god forsaken district of Łódź. Artists frequently open doors to their studios by organizing exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, film screenings and even culinary events (Restaurant Day). They hope that by doing so the art will permeate brick walls of the former working class houses and thus revive our city. Open Studios Nights, part of the Łódź Design Festival, are a unique event for the artists from Przędzalniana Street. As one year is about to pass since they began their creative activities in Księży Młyn, the artist have prepared special events for this occasion: Private Viewings’ and Fashion Shows’ Night as well as graphics and chair renovation workshops weekends. And on the first night there will be a surprise – all the guests will have an opportunity to feel like artists themselves and show off their creative potential… Księży Młyn Studios invite you all to collectively celebrate their 1st birthday.


Księży Młyn, 63/6 Przędzalniana St. – kreatoora Ewa Żochowska Studio
Księży Młyn, 63/6 Przędzalniana St. – Natalia Anna Kalisz Studio
Księży Młyn, 63/6 Przędzalniana St. – Maciej Łuczak Portrait Studio
Księży Młyn, 63/6 Przędzalniana St. – Ewa Kozieradzka Studio


Oct. 9 (Thursday):

9pm-00:00am, Open Studios Night, Film Night
9pm-00:00am, kreatoora Ewa Żochowska Studio Private viewing/exhibition of paintings „Beasts/Beast”

9pm-00:00am, Natalia Anna Kalisz Studio Private viewing/exhibition „Dream of Arché” birthday.

9pm-00:00am, Maciej Łuczak Portrait Studio Private viewing/exhibition/summing up of the past year’s activities „Wykonywanie/Making of”

9pm-00:00am, Ewa Kozieradzka Studio Welcoming new season

Oct. 10 (Friday), 5pm-10pm, Open Studios Film Night

Oct. 11 (Saturday), 5pm-10pm, Open Studios Film Night

Oct. 12 (Sunday), Graphics Workshop – Natalia Anna Kalisz Studio (3 groups/4 persons)
11:00am-1:00pm, 1st Group
1.30pm-3.30pm, 2nd Group
4:00pm-6:00pm, 3rd Group

Oct. 18 (Saturday), Furniture Workshop – Ewa Żochowska Studio (2 groups/5 persons)
11:00am-2:00pm, 1st Group
3:00pm-6:00pm, 2nd Group