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City Lust

Curator: Charlie Koolhaas

City Lust is a book and exhibition that is a portrait of five cities – Dubai, Guangzhou, Lagos, Houston, and London – the project explores the social realities of the globalized market economy and asks: What does a connected world actually look like? Over ten years of immersive research (she has have lived in four of these cities), Charlie photographed the dense web of influences between these geographically distinct cities, in which the same products, symbols, architectures, colors, brands, nationalities and activities reappear consistently.

Her installation at LODZ takes the form of one large-scale folded out cardboard book of 25 meters long. The audience will be invited to walk around the book exhibit, which becomes a set or backdrop of an urban street scene that is a collage of all five cities, with buildings and pavements printed to scale. Through strategic sequences and juxtapositions of images the LODZ exhibition combine the five cities using similar typologies, traveling from suburb to city center, through markets, streets, homes, churches, restaurants, art galleries, offices, brothels and night-clubs. The aim is to disorient the reader so that they are no longer able to judge exactly where they are… A re-creation of the experience of the global traveller.

In each of the five cities we find recreations of immigrant cultures, Chinatowns, Irish pubs, Shisha cafes, African social clubs, and of course Starbucks to name but a few – the mundane marker points of global development and cultural diversity… and yet at the same time we will witness shocking divides and differences, across the world and within each individual place. With this installation Charlie Koolhaas hopes to provide an insight into the complex and sometimes conflicting demands and aspirations of those living in today’s cities and makes a statement about the interdependence of contemporary global culture.

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