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Prepared by From Now On
Seminar Day – Sunday 12th October 2014 – 10am to 3pm

Programme outline
Making is something most of us can do but many of us don’t. Although this was not the case in the
past. One of the most substantial forms of making is fixing. Both in day to day and in extremely
complicated situations, fixing through making is one of humanity’s most precious resources.
Each session will include 10 minute introduction by the chair and 15 minutes from each contributor
followed by a panel and audience conversation.
Session 1 – Fixing and Making
The first session is dedicated to perceptions of making through fixing. Inviting insights into fixing in
craft, design and the everyday.

Chair: Daniel Charny, From Now On, UK
- Fi Scott, designer, Makeworks, UK
- Heleen Klopper, designer, Woolfiller, NL
- Tomasz Ferenc, sociologist, “The Invisible City”, PL
- (Ugo Vallauri (Skype), Restart UK) *

Session 2 – The Future of Fixing
The third session is looking at the role of professional and amateur fixing in the future,
contextualised by shifting attitudes and innovation.

Chair: Daniel Charny, From Now On, UK
- Dr Cat Rossi, Kingston University, UK – 30 minute presentation.
- Dries Verbruggen, Unfold BE!
- Rami Efal, illustrator USA

Session 3 – Making Connections
The second session is about the role of makerspaces and networks in forming collaborations.

Chair: Gian Luca Amadei, British Council UK
- Nat Hunter, The Great Recovery, RSA
- Heath Nash, SA designer
- (Ugo Vallauri (Skype), Restart UK) * / may be in Session 1 depending on coordination