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An apple. Introduction. (Again and again, and anew)

Antje Majewski with Paweł Freisler and Fundacja Transformacja

Curators: Aleksandra Jach and Joanna Sokołowska
Visual identification of the Project: noviki

Jabłko. Introdukcja

This Project, initiated by Antje Majewski, touches upon the issue of biodiversity, as exemplified by apples. What is the starting point for her work is the history of the fruit, its cultivation and distribution methods, and the impact of global economy on the reduction and control of the number of subspecies available on the market.

This Project is comprised of: an exhibition entitled An Apple. Introduction. (Again and again, and anew), an event entitled Fruity Lodz within the framework of which old subspecies of apple trees are to be planted in the city, and educational workshops. The exhibition includes paintings by Antje Majewski, showing different old subspecies of apples in a form based on traditional still life paintings. On the one hand, it is a way to commemorate the bio-diversified world which is fading away; on the other hand, it is a reflection on the world dominated by systemic solutions and on human desire to categorize and taxonomize to bring order to natural resources in all their abundance . This topic is further developed in the artist’s documentary which makes us familiar with the cultivation of apple trees under global economy, and is based on conversations Majewski has had with scientists, activists, tradespeople and producers in Poland, Germany, China and Kazakhstan. The exhibition also includes a photo and 3D photocopy of an apple from Paweł Freisler’s collection of dry apples. That collection is a result of the artist’s many-year-long experimental program, and serves as a specific commentary on the uniqueness of biomaterials in the on-going process of disintegration and decomposition. Paweł Freisler inspired Agnieszka Polska who has portrayed the artist, engulfed in contemplation of the biodiversity of our natural environment, in her film “A Garden”. In ms1, there will also be a possibility to look through educational materials, books, leaflets, videos, poetry, or multidisciplinary data on the relationship between people and apples and other bio-resources and ecosystems.

With the help of Fundacja Transformacja which is involved with the issues of permaculture and ecological design, acting together with the inhabitants of Lodz, over 100 old subspecies of apple trees will be planted in the urban landscape of the city. Fruity Lodz is also an event which is expected to popularize the idea of free access to diversified, healthy food as part of the public wealth program. The future of the city might lie just in planting edible plants through small-scale farming. The time-honoured tradition of allotment gardens or the growing popularity of community gardening manifest the interest of city dwellers in producing their own food and in increasing their local environmental awareness.


Admission to the exhibition free of charge for people with festival pass.