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Brave Fixed World

The future needs a new relationship with making. A forward-thinking, backward-looking, sideways-stepping kind of making. A making born of the imaginative use of skills. Something like fixing. The world we live in is shaped by the heroic successes of mechanisation Read more

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House of Tomorrow

This year, some of the LDF 2014 events will be held in Festival Centre Two situated in the former weaving plant of Marcus Silberstein at 250, Piotrkowska St. (within 10 minutes’ walk of Festival Centre One). The building, designed by Read more


The Night of Opened Ateliers, OFF Piotrkowska

OFF Piotrkowska is a unique project on the all-Poland scale attracting representatives of creative industries. In one place, there are design studios and workshops of fashion designers, night clubs, restaurants Read more


Lectures: Brave New World, Design Alive Talks

Searching for ready solutions, timeless products, creative, following trends, luxurious, fixated on price, aesthetes, minimalists, hipsters, freedom lovers, family oriented, mobile, in transit, single, permanently Read more


Register here

We encourage all participants to book online. Registration not only makes it possible for you to purchase multi- and single-entrance tickets at a discount, but also allows us to better analyse your needs and expectations towards the festival. Read more

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